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Central Laboratory

An accurate diagnosis and effective treatment needs the support of a qualified laboratory. It has been reported that about 70% of all diagnostic decisions by physicians are made based on the results of the laboratory. 
In 1995 Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratories merged and became the Central Laboratory in Akdeniz University Hospital. Central Laboratory Department has been providing routine and emergency testing to the hospital with high capacity and advanced equipment. Our main goal is to give reliable service to our clients which include all clinicians and patients with valued resources and qualified staff. The central laboratory consists of five major departments which are:

  • Clinical biochemistry
  • Clinical microbiology
  • Hematology
  • Medical Genetics
  • Immunology and Tissue typing laboratory

Laboratory serves in these fields with a multidisciplinary approach.
We are a highly professional team of over 140 staff which includes 25 instructors. Approximately 650 different tests are studied; emergency test parameters, bacteriologic and fungal cultures are carried out 7 days 24 hours in our laboratory. 
We have 11 clinical consultants from different departments (such as gynecology, general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics).
Samples of 2000 patients per day are delivered for analysis to the laboratory. Therefore 10-12 thousand tests on a daily basis and annualy 4,5 million tests in average are worked in our laboratory. 
Internal quality controls of all the tests which are worked in our laboratory have been checked at regular intervals. Our laboratory is a member of well-known International Quality Control Programs since 1995 including the College of American Pathologists (CAP), BIO-RAD External Quality Assurance Services (BIO-RAD EQAS), Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics (QCMD), Labquality EQAS, European Research Network for evaluation and improvement of screening, Diagnosis and treatment of Inherited disorders of Metabolism  (ERNDIM). Our laboratory results are evaluated by the independent organizations through the international quality control programs, so that the success of our laboratory around the world is documented. In addition to routine laboratory tests, the following tests are performed in our laboratory:

  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Toxicological and drug abusement screening
  • Transplant immunosuppresive monitorization
  • Newborn screening with acylcarnitine profile by tandem mass
  • Quantitative amino acid analysis by LC-MS/MS and HPLC
  • Quantitative organic acid analysis by LC-MS/MS and HPLC
  • Plasma peroxisomal profile by GC-MS
  • In-vitro drug sensitivity tests (aspirin, clopidogrel resistance), platelet function tests and allergy panels
  • Virologic molecular tests for the follow-up of organ and stem cell transplantations
  • Quick diagnosis of viral infections
  • Quick molecular diagnosis of tuberculosis
  • Diagnosis and genotyping of hepatitis and HIV by molecular methods
  • Identification of bacterias and fungus by automatized systems
  • Detecting autoantibodies by immunofluorescence method
  • Blood, bone marrow and lymph node samples are studied by flow cytometry for the diagnosis of blood, bone marrow and lymph cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma)
  • The number and viability of stem cells collected for transplantation are evalutaed by flow cytometry
  • Tissue typing for organ transplantation and hematology patients; lymphocyte cross-match tests
  • DNA sequence analysis for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases (thalassemia, familial mediterranean fever)
  • Chromosome and mutation analysis are studied from blood, bone marrow and cancer tissue samples for diagnosis and typing of cancers
  • Genetic tests for infertility and in-vitro fertilization
  • Screening Down's syndrome risk in pregnancy by double screening test, triple test, quadruple test
  • Cytogenetic tests for diagnosis of Down's syndrome

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