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To achieve the goal of Pathology: Determine the causes of diseases, make a link between clinical and basic medical sciences and make research to understand the development of diseases and achieve new methods to reach early detection of cancer.

Department of Pathology, was founded in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in Antalya at 01.26.1975. 
Pathology laboratory specialized in Gynecopathology, breast pathology, gastrointestinal pathology, pathology of the endocrine system, pancreotico-hepato bilier system pathology, pathology of the lymphoid system, pathology of the male genital system, urinary tract, kidney, skin, soft tissue, bone, respiratory system, central nervous system, and cytopathology in the early 1990s. Particularly Gynecopathology Department was established in parallel with these studies.
Annually nearly 28000 pathologic material (2/3 surgical, 1/3 cytology) is diagnosed at the Pathology Department as a routine practice. Besides routine pathology diagnosis, research projects within the department as residency thesis and inter-disciplinary research activities are also maintained. 
Our laboratories provide extensive laboratory facilities to achieve differential diagnosis and research projects.

These facilities include:

  • Histochemical laboratory,
  • Immunohistochemical laboratory,
  • Molecular Pathology (PCR,FISH etc.)
  • Electron Microscopy *

Electron microscopy is located at TEMGA Unit in Basic  Clinical Science Building. Our academic staff uses electron microscopy as a diagnostic tool for some cases.
Molecular pathology laboratory was agredite in the KRAS analysis in May 2012.
Deparment of Pathology has lectures regarding General and Surgical Pathology in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades of medical school. Gross pathology and microscopic slides are used as teaching tools at student’s practice laboratory. Department of Pathology also involves in teaching General Pathology in Nursing and Medical Technicians Faculties.
During residancy training, residents work with each department regularly according to their schedule. They perform autopsies with instructors during their training. Residents participate in seminars, literature critics given by academic staff in every year. They also participate in case discussions every week during their residency.

There are 8 Professors, 2 Associated Professors, 2 Assistant Professor, 1 fellow and 10 residents in 2013.

Our Physicians:

  • Prof. Dr. F.Şeyda Karaveli, Gynecopathology, Breast Pathology
  • Prof. Dr. M. Akif Çiftcioğlu, Dermatopathology, Male Ganital System Pathology
  • Prof. Dr. Tekinalp Gelen, Gastrointestinal and pancreotico-hepatobiliary system Pathology
  • Prof. Dr. Gülay Özbilim,  Pulmonary, Head and Neck, Cardiovascular system Pathology
  • Prof. Dr. E. İnanç Gürer, Neuropathology, Bone and soft tissue, Endocrine system Pathology
  • Prof. Dr. H. Elif Peştereli,  Gynecopathology, Breast Pathology
  • Prof. Dr. G. Özlem Elpek, Gastrointestinal and pancreotico-hepatobiliary system Pathology
  • Prof. Dr. Bahar Akkaya, Heamothopathology, Nephropathology, Uropathology.
  • Asoc. Prof. Dr. Gülgün Erdoğan, Gynecopathology, Breast Pathology
  • Asoc. Prof. Dr. İrem Hicran Özbudak, Pulmonary, Head and Neck, Cardiovascular system Pathology
  • Asist. Prof. Dr. Güzide Gökhan, Neuropathology, Bone and soft tissue, endocrine system Pathology
  • Asist. Prof. Dr. C. İbrahim Başsorgun, Dermatopathology, Male Ganital System Pathology
  • Pathologist Dr. Serap TORU, Perinatal Pathology

International Patients Department of Akdeniz University Hospital
Dumlupınar Boulvard, 07059, Campus, Konyaaltı / Antalya / Turkey
Tel : 90 242 249 65 93 Fax: 90 242 249 65 90