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Radiation Oncology

Akdeniz University School of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology was founded in June 1999 and is continuing to serve our people and other Europian Union, Russian Federation and Middle East Countries. Our department is one of the best  and prominent centers in Turkey. A huge number of patients with benign and malign tumors are being treated in our department. Mostly lung, breast, prostate, head & neck, gastrointestinal system, , gynocological, genitouriner system tumors, along with central nervous system, hematological system, skin, bone-and-soft tissue and pediatric tumors are being treated.
RadioTherapy Equipment available:

  • IGRT (Image-Guided-RT) Elektra Synergy Linear Accelerator ( LINAC)
  • On-board 3D-2D Digital Imaging
  • IMRT (Intensity-Modulated-RT) Elektra Synergy   Platform Linear Accelerator ( LINAC)
  • On-board 2D Digital Imaging
  • HDR Nucletron Brachytherapy System
  • GE Lightspeed Big-bore Computer Tomography Simulator
  • IBA Matrixx Dosimetry QA System
  • Precise Treatment Planning System with Intensity Modulated RadiotherapynPlanning (IMRT)

Radiotherapy is one of the main treatment modality used in cancer treatment. In modern cancer treatment, the aim is to provide a long overall survival along with high quality lifetime. To achieve this goal, radiotherapy plays an important role at every level.


  • Prof. Melek Nur YAVUZ, MD.
  • Prof. Ali Aydın YAVUZ , MD
  • Prof. Mine GENÇ , MD
  • Assoc. Prof. M. Gamze AKSU, MD.
  • Assoc. Prof. Aylin Fidan KORCUM, MD.

Associate Professors:

  • Asst. Prof. Nina TUNÇEL
  • Asst. Prof. Yiğit Çeçen
  • Beyza Şirin ÖZDEMİR, MD.
  • Sare ÇEÇEN, MD.
  • Taylan BÜKÜLMEZ MD.

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Anahtar Kelimeler:

International Patients Department of Akdeniz University Hospital
Dumlupınar Boulvard, 07059, Campus, Konyaaltı / Antalya / Turkey
Tel : 90 242 249 65 93 Fax: 90 242 249 65 90